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We are changing the way Bharat does digital commerce

Gopi Krishna Lakkepuram
CEO and Co-founder

Our flagship product at Hyperleap, Orderly, addresses a wide gap for local merchants to go online in India. We designed it with a first-principles thinking approach, combined with in-house domain experience (from my co-founder).

Before starting Hyperleap, I pursued a full-time MBA at ISB and worked for Microsoft both in India and the US for over 11 years developing highly scalable systems for Office 365, Outlook and many other teams.

I am always up for intellectual discussions of any kind - send me a note on gopi [at]

Srikanth Tadaka
COO & Co-founder

I joined Hyperleap to help build the next generation of tools that can address the needs of local merchants who wish to adopt digital means of selling - something that is no longer just a nice-to-have but a key to survival. I bring in domain expertise and take care of sales & marketing, business growth and finance at the company.

Our flagship product, Orderly provides the means to make this happen through "easy-commerce" - a collection of features that we think will greatly simplify how local merchants can run their online business without having to take any considerable time away from running their local store. We developed Orderly based on my personal experience along with a vision that we derived from a first-principles approach for the product.

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