At Orderly, our focus is on just one thing, Orders.

Orderly provides the simplest way to take your local business online and grow. 

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All in one.

"Thanks for creating the tool which helps me run my store completely in one place"


Great addition.

"we already get our orders on WhatsApp, so this was a simple natural addition that helped us look more professional"



"our business was growing on WhatsApp and we had no way to figure out how to keep it organize so we won't lose money. Orderly came to the rescue."


Simple & Awesome

"No headaches. this tool removes all the complexity and makes running our business so simple."


Outside the box.

"the developers of this product have done an amazing job of thinking outside the box to create an intuitive solution to running your business online."


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Introductory pricing (iifetime)
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    Apps for Business & Customers
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    Take online orders from Web or App
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    A digital & dynamic business page
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    Price and manage orders on App
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    Showcase as a verified business
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    Easy repeat orders from customers
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    Customer khata and Payments
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    Save product & offer catalogs
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    Share catalogs with customers
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    Track payments against orders
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    Complete control over your data
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    Enhanced business profile
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    Priority Support over WhatsApp

Introductory Pricing.

We have a 14-day no questions asked refund policy if you think the product does not suit your needs. No hidden charges or surprises.

We've re-designed the entire concept of bringing offline stores online so you can run grow your offline store and take online orders with minimum effort from your side. Wish you all the very best.

Gopi Krishna
CEO and Co-founder

Time to make your business work on WhatsApp.

Orderly is your new digital address. Leave your worry of managing your business page, ordering experience and more. Sit back and take orders online with ease.

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No one understands handwritten orders or bills
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Through list-based ordering, we eliminate all the maintenance hassles.

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