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Say hello👋 to easy-commerce.

Orderly® is the easiest and the most efficient way to take your local store online within no time. With Orderly®, your focus is Orders and Orderly® business.
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Say hello👋 to easy-commerce.

Orderly® is the easiest and the most efficient way to take your local store online within no time. With Orderly®, your focus is Orders and Orderly® business.

100s of businesses use Orderly® today to grow their local business online.

... and grow your business & customers

Retain your customers and always be one-click away from them
Go online and continue to stay online with minimum ongoing maintenance
Grow your customer base by advertising at store via posters (mailed to you)
Orderly® makes it super simple to go online and stay online.
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Simply provide basic business details, and create an online presence.

It's that easy!
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Share your business page with customers, and on social media.

Fast. Simple. And it actually works.
Available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Marathi.
The many reasons why

Orderly helps you sell more and makes your life easy.

  • Go online & stay online, effortlessly.

    In just one step, create a business profile, go online and start selling. And then, continue to stay online without the hassle of everyday work updating prices or stock information.
  • Connect with customers, personally.

    Instantly transform your customers to use digital orders and enquiries that land from their WhatsApp to your WhatsApp without losing the personal touch.
  • Switch contexts, seamlessly.

    Experience the power of conversational commerce by switching between the Orderly® app and your chat on WhatsApp in one-click without losing context.
  • Take customer orders, brilliantly.

    On list orders, price them digitally in no-time, manage them without errors, and record payments. Print and send professional looking digital receipts and estimates with ease.
  • Showcase catalogs, easily.

    Create unlimited catalogs so customers can check what you have easily. Share your catalog link on WhatsApp status and profile to stop spamming your customers.
  • Get your customer dues, timely.

    Record dues for customers and send them friendly reminders directly from your WhatsApp to theirs. Even access what they're due on their orders.
  • Build your community, loyally.

    Whether you're just starting out or been running your business for years, keep growing your community of customers by always staying connected with them.
  • Get repeat orders, regularly.

    With easy repeat-orders for lists, we encourage your customers to repeat orders in seconds, helping them come back to you again and again.
  • Serve your customers, swiftly.

    Send order updates, chat on enquiries, and send timely reminders for dues. Supercharge your local store and serve your customers at the speed they expect.
  • Conduct business, privately.

    We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third parties or serve ads for you or your customers.

... and grow your business & customers

Getting orders over WhatsApp is easy.

Added benefits for stores with thousands of items

Simple list-based ordering that works.
  • Customers send list orders directly on your WhatsApp
  • Price and manage the orders without any confusion
  • Send order updates and digital receipts on WhatsApp
  • Check current customer dues right on the order page
  • Easy repeat orders from customers with Orderly®
  • ... and many more
Download Orderly®
Getting enquiries over WhatsApp is easy.

Added benefits for stores showcasing catalogs

  • 1
    Upload unlimited catalogs and set their price ranges
    Orderly® makes it easy and fun to upload tons of catalogs. You can set catalog title, description and a price range for your customers to get an idea - just like how they would shop in-store.
  • 2
    Share your catalogs or individual products everywhere
    Share your business profile, all catalogs link, link to individual catalogs or even links to individual products within the catalog during any chat with customers. You'll easily be able to switch to Orderly® from any chat.
  • 3
    Customers enquire on the products they like
    Stop spamming your customers on chat groups and avoid getting blocked or banned. Simply allow the customers to always access your catalog on enquire on them with ease and start a conversation with you.
Download Orderly®
Why you’ll love choosing us and not other apps in the market

5 Reasons Why Orderly is the App for Your Business

1. Less time managing. More time selling.
While most apps bombard you with unnecessary features and complex online store creation processes, we have intentionally kept the app frills-free. This way, you’ll never spend more time managing your store than selling. With Orderly®, you’ll be focused on getting more orders, making more sales, keeping your customers happy, and growing your business.
2. Personalized attention to customers
Many apps don’t allow you to message your customers directly. They act as an intermediary to communicate. With Orderly®, you can directly message or call your customers and deliver warm and personalized service to them. We also have template messages that will make your communication faster and snappier!
3. Combination of tech and domain
While other apps are created with only a focus on technology, we have a team who not only has the tech expertise, but also experience in retail selling.  We understand the real struggles that small business owners face everyday. We used technology to create a solution from the ground-up that will ease your life, serve customers better, and grow your business. Like clockwork.
4. Priority support over WhatsApp
Most free and paid apps never bother to resolve an issue after you start using their product. But we have a dedicated team of experts to answer any of your queries and help you resolve any doubts and issues you may run into at any time of the day. Need help? We are just a message or call away! Call us on 799-3699-123.
5. Your privacy is our top concern
Most apps that you use rarely care about the privacy of your business. They may use the data you enter and serve ads for you or your customers or worse, share them with your competitors since they make money with data. At Orderly®, your privacy is our utmost concern. We never share or sell data, to anyone ever, because we rely on a nominal yearly fee for usage.
6. And more.
There are more reasons than what can fit in here to justify why we are the best app for your local store. But to keep it simple, we are the team you have been looking for to helping you out in going online.

About the founding team

A small step for your business,
a giant leap for growth.

Customers love Orderly®

Here's what local business owners have to say about Orderly®.

Meet our customers
"I was worried about losing customers who prefer to order online and shop forever everything they want from their home. Thankfully, I tried Orderly and now I’m able to get orders quickly through my WhatsApp. My customers are happy that they don’t have to wait longer to get what they want. I am happy as I will not lose my customers."
D Narsing Rao and Sons
Grocery Store, Hyderabad
"Now I can easily serve the customers in my area and take many orders from them keeping their orders ready for pickup. Also, there is little to worry about maintaining an e-commerce store. Great value for money since I increased my business many fold after starting to use Orderly®. My customers too love the new ordering experience."
Sri sai ram Wholesale Mart
Supermarket, Hyderabad
Earlier, when someone asked for a quote for a marriage function, I’d spend hours writing the bills. I’ll not even know whether I’ll get the order. But I also cannot say no because I’m afraid I might lose a customer. It was a delicate situation that ate up a lot of my time. After using Orderly, I send quotations faster. I can even send a PDF quotation. As my business looks professional, I'm closing more orders.
Naukar Traders
Wholesale & General Store, Hyderabad
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We just have one super simple pricing, either paid monthly or yearly. For a limited time, signup to use forever for free.
  • Start selling online by simply creating a business profile
  • App for your business and your customers
  • Get customer orders and enquiries on WhatsApp
  • Showcase and share your digital business profile
  • Manage Khata and reminders in a timely and personal way
  • Get easy repeat orders incase of list-based orders
  • Digital receipts, pricing estimates, invoices & more
  • Unlimited catalogs upload and sharing with easy enquiries
per store
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per store
Download Orderly®
Free for life •  Limited period offer
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